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Massage: What’s in it For Me?


Greetings Angels, When was the last time you received a massage?  Think back, whether it was from a loved one,…
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Heart Thymus Empowerment Affirmation


May my heart center, which houses my bloodstream, nervous system, lungs, back, & core, function in optimal wellness.  May my…
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With Gratitude for Blessing of Hands


Dear Sisters, I want to express my appreciation for your attendance at  the “We Are the Well” aka “The Wisdom of Water”…
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Loving is Living…


Peace Angels, My heart opened to the idea that “Loving is Living“ on Valentine’s Day!  Loving is what our souls seek.  Love is what…
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Angels, Lighten Up!


Hello Angels, Mother Nature has provided Pit Stop for Wellness® with the top (3) keys to healthy weight loss and it’s indeed our pleasure to turn them over…
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Blind Leading the Blind: Lions use Target® to Outfit New Kitchen for Blind Students


“I am finally home”, says Caroline Benavídez, an educator for the Albuquerque Public School system, who teaches visually impaired youngsters,…
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Shop Stress Free, Naturally!


Greetings Angels, I have begun to celebrate the holiday season with “Pear Cinnamon Cider” from “Trader Joe’s.”  This heartwarming beverage,…
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Give Birth to Another Miracle!


Good Morning Song; playing in my favorite key; toasting to the open heart from whence it came; doves dry their…
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Dancing with Destiny :: Dissolving our Fears


Dancing with Destiny :: Dissolving Our Fears is an all encompassing workshop, designed to offer dance as a path to…
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Balance Your Heart With Art…


Hello Angels, Our summer is off and running in terms of sizzle.  The “Harlem Book Fair” is on tap for…
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Women of Color Forum


Saturday, September 15th, 2012 Pit Stop for Wellness, LLC’s Health Education Initiative: Heart Disease, Diabetes, & Stroke Prevention brought to…
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Be The First Lady in Your Life!!


Greetings Angels, Our First Lady, Michelle Obama is undoubtedly a principled, brilliant, & beautiful trailblazer.  She reminds us of how…
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A Tribute to Gil Noble


  My first job after graduating college was with ABC’s Good Morning America, thanks to a friend, by the name…
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A Gateway to Gratitude


  I am grateful for: The wisdom to employ self care, before tending to the needs of others* The Universe…
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“Tasting your FAITH, spoils your appetite for anything less.” This week my coaching session focused on identifying my target market….
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Exercise Your Smile


Warm weather brings out the best in many of us, including me. It presents us with the perfect opportunity to…
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Welcome to Pit Stop For Wellness


I pay homage to God, for the doors to my website are now open, positioning me to serve the world as…
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